Unicast 2001::0DB8:800:200C:417A (subnet config example: 2001:192:168:1::/64 eui-64)
Multicast FF01::101
Loopback ::1
Unspecified ::
Link local FE80::
Site Local FEC0::
IPv4 mapped ::FFFF:a.b.c.d/96
IPv4 compatible ::a.b.c.d/96

IPv6 Frame Relay PVC Mapping

Configuration—Point-to-Multipoint Interface: Example (condensed from CCO)

In the following example, the same three nodes (Router A, Router B, and Router C) from the previous example make up a fully meshed network and each node is configured with two PVCs (which provide an individual connection to each of the other two nodes). However, the two PVCs on each node in the following example are configured on a single interface (main interface = point-to-multipoint). Therefore, explicit mappings are required between the link-local and global IPv6 addresses of each interface on all three nodes and the DLCI (222 & 333) of the PVC used to reach the addresses.

[Aug 7th 2007] I’ve changed the following after first posting it. it’s easier to just change the link-local address than using the MAC addresses. Oh, and don’t forget to only use one broadcast statement per dlci or the router will send more than one down that dlci. Only one interface is listed see CCO for the original example)

interface Serial 3
_encapsulation frame-relay
_ipv6 address 2001:192:168:1::1/64
_ipv6 address FE80::1 link-local
_frame-relay map ipv6 FE80::2 222 broadcast
_frame-relay map ipv6 FE80::3 333 broadcast
_frame-relay map ipv6 2001:192:168:1::2 222
_frame-relay map ipv6 2001:
192:168:1::3 333


For IPv6 this can only be turned off globally and not per interface:

R1(config-if)#ipv6 router rip RIPng
R1(config-rtr)#no split-horizon

Verify unicast reverse-path

The is a hidden(?) internal option which reveals some IPv6 information about the reverse-path check. Also note that it shows a lot more info for the Serial interface than the FastEthernet so ymmv:

R1(config-if)#do sh cef int s0/1 internal
Serial0/1 is up (if_number 4)
__IP unicast RPF check is disabled

__IP MTU 1500
__IPv6 unicast RPF: acl=None, drop=0, sdrop=0
__IPv6: enabled 1 unreachable TRUE redirect TRUE mtu 1500 flags 0x0
________Switching mode is CEF
________link-local address is FE80::204:9AFF:FE67:7281
________Global unicast address(es):
________2001:12:1:12::1, subnet is 2001:12:1:12::/64
________Input features: RPF

R1(config-if)#do sh cef int f0/0 internal
FastEthernet0/0 is up (if_number 6)
__IP MTU 1500
__IPv6 unicast RPF: acl=None, drop=0, sdrop=0

R1#sh cef int f0/0 ?
__policy-statistics__Display BGP policy statistics
__|__________________Output modifiers

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