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Things to know (for R&S written and lab)

 | 8 Apr 2006 22:56

For those pursuing R&S certification too, do check out my box of gems. It’s still small but hopefully will grow fast with things one needs to know. Additions are highly welcomed. Have added a section for lab prep too.

Things to know…

OSPF & i/f MTU

 | 3 Apr 2006 09:15

Sometimes things are just too simple to see. It appears a left over MTU statement on a gig sub-int prevented an OSPF neighborship to come up. The software on the 7304 was SBC (One of the new Broadband S builds) which required a hard conffed MTU due to dot-1q [mtu 1504] but as QoS was broken there (no CBWFQ/LLQ) I went back to plain 12.2(25)S.

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