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 | 12 Apr 2008 10:19

I’ll leave the debate to others about running services on routers. As usual ymmv and all that, though besides the obvious objections I think it’s quite cool of my little c877 to proxy DNS and serve what it has locally. Imho, my home DNS config is not heavy enough to warrant rigging up DNS on my Samba server.

My first google tonight led me to an article on the excellent ios hints and tricks site ( Though this is for a full public DNS server it was a little overkill for me, please read this article as well if you do plan to go that route.

My goal was to have my DSL router serve local IP’s for a few public and local domain names. For example this allows me to use as my proxy address in my soft-phone both at home and away.

The following code is what I ended up with.

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