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ICT-gala 2006

 | 24 Feb 2006 11:23

ICT-gala 2006If anyone knows what the Dutch ICT-gala entails then drop me a mail…

Easynet has given me tickets for this gala evening on the 14th of March, it’s organised by ICT-office which seems to be a lobby organisation. ‘Young professionals’ will be able to do some networking and key business people will be present. Not sure if it comes down to big shots looking for potential employees or not. Suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what the evening will bring.

I do know that I’ll have to rent a tux and Hayley will have to rent a gala dress. Oh how annoying these perks are…

Unused protocol features (ip options)

 | 18 Feb 2006 21:34

Anyone ever heard of ‘Strict Source Routing’ or ‘Loose Source Routing’?

Well it’s in IPv4, CLNP and IPv6, but no-one seems to use it. Please leave a comment if you think I’m wrong! It could be ever so usefull for network monitoring and reporting if one could specify the route a packet should take. One could test, monitor or report on links / paths which one can’t do now due to SFP (Shortest Path First) routing, if only… Sigh


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200 bald men fighting over 6 combs

 | 17 Feb 2006 17:11

I’m glad Radia Perlman manages to scatter some funny anecdotes into her book “Interconnections”, this one is about the 6 TOS bits in the IP header (page 244):

Some people have affectionately referred to the -IETF Differentiated Services- working group as “200 bald men fighting over 6 combs”.

It’s funny to see the history as she’s describing the future in her book which shows how fast it’s dated. She wrote “Interconnections” in 2000 but it’s still a great book explaining fundamental issues in a comprehensive manner, my print is a 7th edition from March 2005. Definetely a book to use as network protocol reference due to the many explanations as to why things are the way they are.


 | 9 Feb 2006 21:10

I have decided to add a new category: “Networking quotes”. Here’s the first one, ‘Interconnections, 2nd edition’ page 181:

Priority is an attempt to implement the principles of jealousy and envy in computer networks.
– Tony Lauck

Network monitoring by sound?

 | 20:50

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has created software that translates network and server activity into music.