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ICT-gala 2006 on video

 | 30 Mar 2006 16:02

For all those who wonder what it was like. ICT-office has put two videos online…

A remote xmodem IOS upgrade…

 | 29 Mar 2006 01:30

Right, it’s loading and due to the baud rate of 115200 currently at 13% so I’ve got some time to write this little “note to self”. If anyone else finds this useful then I hope you’re not working away like me at 0:48 in the night.

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Quagga: bgpd

 | 15 Mar 2006 23:05

The saga continues: vpnv4 route-reflection crashes bgpd just after a vpnv4 peer comes up. [2009-01-07: bugid no longer available]

Telegraaf (news paper)

 | 11:34

Lest I forget: Next Saturday my piccie with the directors (couple?) of ICT-office should be in the Dutch news paper “De Telegraaf”. Didn’t ammount to much really but having my picture taken and Rowdy rubbing his hands while I answered some questions from a reporter did feel nice…

Update #1: Nothing in any paper that I know of yet so am assuming it’ll never show up anywhere.

Update #2: My parents did spot the article somewhere but no piccy of me in there. Oh well…

National Dutch ICT-gala 2006

 | 11:27

Last night’s gala was a nice mixture between social networking and musical surprises. The latter mainly due to the fact that the chosen theme was: “nieuwe en bijzondere combinaties” which kind of translates to: “new and unusual/special combinations”.

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Some quick piccies from the ICT-gala 2006

 | 01:43
Gallery link:ICT-gala 2006 gallery

Quagga: isisd

 | 13 Mar 2006 14:21

Sadly isisd is still in it’s infancy. Seems that the database is built but the routing table is only populated with what is in the neighbour’s routing table… Support I’ll have to route statically for now. If anyone has some good quagge isisd information sources please let me know.