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Woohoo, 1st step made today

 | 31 May 2006 11:37

My 3rd try at the CCIE R&S written of this morning proved successful. (74%)

  • General networking theory: 100% (same again)
  • Bridging and LAN switching: 62%
  • IP: 100%
  • IP routing: 71%
  • QoS: 70%
  • WAN: 50%
  • IP multicast: 71%
  • Security: 100%
  • Enterprise Wireless mobility: 67%

Now on to a worry free bootcamp as the written is a prerequisite, woot! Or should I be worried? Check out the comment the trainer of the bootcamp left…

New tactics

 | 16 May 2006 11:52

Next written exam is planned for the 31st (May), I have to get it so can’t really stop. As the exam gets harder every time one tries I’ve decided to invest in testking(.com for those who wonder due to all the hoaxes) so that I can verify where I’m lacking. As it’s not just a question of upping Multicast anymore I need to nip any lack on knowledge in the bud.

P.S. Don’t bother asking me for the latest testking Q&A as they’ve done a good job at securing their stuff. If you don’t want to pay you’ll just have to live with not having the latest version, which is #76 btw… 😉

29 May: Update it has 50 questions on Enterprise WLAN, my goodness how I underestimated this topic…


 | 11:33

Will be out of reach from the 17th till the 25th (May)


 | 15 May 2006 12:53

/me feels like digging a hole to crawl into…

I know that the average for the lab is 3 takes to pass but has anyone got some stats about the written? I also wonder whether they deliberately go for the things that one failed at the previous time(s).

I did manage to up my score on Multicast but went down enough on other subjects to end up at 63% again.

Todays score:

  • General networking theory: 100% (same) 🙂
  • Bridging and LAN switching: 43% (-5%)
  • IP: 90% (+10%) 🙂
  • IP routing: 71% (-3%)
  • QoS: 60% (-20%) 🙁
  • WAN: 50% (same)
  • IP multicast: 57% (+43%) 😐
  • Security: 67% (same)
  • Enterprise Wireless mobility: 33% (same)

WLAN doesn’t bug me so much, but QoS does as it’s something I do daily and I went down 20%!

What to do now? First I’m leaving this crap alone for a week, flying out to Mallorca with the family for a week this Wednesday morning. Then I’ll have to spend the 2nd week of my holiday studying so I can try again on the 31st.

My subjects will have to be:

  • Bridging & LAN switching
  • WAN
  • Multicast

Don’t think I’ll have too much time left over for WLAN, Security or QoS.

No more posts untill at least the 25th…

Multicast quick ref

 | 13 May 2006 01:16

Well I’m working away, but think that it’s late enough now. I really need some good sleep. So far I’ve managed to get through to IGMPv1, 2 & 3. CGMP and multicat routing is there for tomorrow.

Check out Multicast quick ref for what I’ve assimilated so far.


Grrr (lol)

 | 9 May 2006 14:26

CISCO Retake Policy Notification
Previous results for this exam are not yet updated in the system. Please try back in one business day.

Booked the retake for Monady 15th May (2006 in case you were wondering ;)) 10:00

Bugger bugger bugger!

 | 12:14

Please excuse the language…

This morning I failed the CCIE R&S written with 63% (70% required).
You get 2 hours, plus 30 minutes for non native speakers, for 100 questions which are quite random. They even have errors in them like listing IP addresses and leaving the first octet off, very helpfull in all.

Enough ranting, here’s my score:

  • General networking theory: 100% 🙂
  • Bridging and LAN switching: 48% 😐
  • IP : 80% 🙂
  • IP routing: 71%
  • QoS: 80% 🙂
  • WAN: 50% 😐
  • IP multicast: 14% 🙁
  • Security: 67%
  • Enterprise Wireless mobility: 33% 🙁

So I need to work on WAN (F/R) and multicast, mcast is heavilly tested imho. WLAN was only 3 questions so not sure I want to spend too much time on that… Bridging and LAN switching has more questions so is probably time better spent. Watch the CCIE pages for more quick ref topics, as I’ll be working on improving my knowledge to pass the written next time.

I’m not allowed to retake the exam before May 15th so I’ll resit the exam next monday or tuesday.

1 day to go… (till written)

 | 7 May 2006 22:24

Well it’s Sunday night and I’m still studying away. I’ve got so much left to cover I can only hope I’ll know the right things. Book #14 out of my book list was great to make sure I’d covered the basic but going through a (hopefully) up to date Testking test I’m not sure whether I’m prepared enough. I seem to score between 50 and 80% on the various topics and I’m only like half way through this test…

What I have been up to though is creating some quick reference pages for BGP, OSPF and EIGRP. Hopefully that will help me to keep things in my head. Follow the CCIE R&S link at the top right if you’re interrested in them, feel free to use them for your own study.

So it’s back to my practice test and praying I’ll know enough this Tuesday.