| 15 May 2006 12:53

/me feels like digging a hole to crawl into…

I know that the average for the lab is 3 takes to pass but has anyone got some stats about the written? I also wonder whether they deliberately go for the things that one failed at the previous time(s).

I did manage to up my score on Multicast but went down enough on other subjects to end up at 63% again.

Todays score:

  • General networking theory: 100% (same) 🙂
  • Bridging and LAN switching: 43% (-5%)
  • IP: 90% (+10%) 🙂
  • IP routing: 71% (-3%)
  • QoS: 60% (-20%) 🙁
  • WAN: 50% (same)
  • IP multicast: 57% (+43%) 😐
  • Security: 67% (same)
  • Enterprise Wireless mobility: 33% (same)

WLAN doesn’t bug me so much, but QoS does as it’s something I do daily and I went down 20%!

What to do now? First I’m leaving this crap alone for a week, flying out to Mallorca with the family for a week this Wednesday morning. Then I’ll have to spend the 2nd week of my holiday studying so I can try again on the 31st.

My subjects will have to be:

  • Bridging & LAN switching
  • WAN
  • Multicast

Don’t think I’ll have too much time left over for WLAN, Security or QoS.

No more posts untill at least the 25th…

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