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  1. Cisco CCIE LAB Study Guide
    – 0072127600

    – 2nd edition (1225 pages!)
    . Note: Cisco Certification prep, 1st edition = ISBN 0071351086
  2. Internetworking with TCP/IP volume 1, 4th edition (TCP-Bible)
    – 0130183806
  3. CCIE practical studies Volume 1
    – 1587200023
  4. ** Appendix A of CIT/CID training; Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting CCNP cert book

    – For all who wonder what Appendix A entails: Checked the book list again and it states that the appendix is called “Protocol characteristics overview”, the CIT book I have does not contain this appendix… 🙁
  5. Interconnections 2nd edition 7th print 2005
    – 0201634481
    – Radia Perlman
    – Spanning-Tree inventor, designer of IS-IS, Simple Multicast and sabotage-proof routing.
  6. Internet Routing Architectures
    – 157870233X

    2nd edition BGP only by Cisco’s OSPF and BGP4 IOS coder
  7. Cisco Catalyst LAN Switching (VLANs & trunking)
    – 0071349820

    – Very foundational, but quite old by now especially now that a big chunk of the info in this book isn’t part of the R&S exam any more. Still I think it is a good reference book, written in a very comprehensible style. The only thing which annoys me is that the figures are not allways with the text, read it and you’ll know what I mean…
  8. OSPF Network Design Solutions 2nd edition
    – 1578700469
  9. OSPF : Anatomy of an Internet Routing Protocol
    – 0201634724

    From the inventor of OSPF
  10. Deploying IP Multicast in the Enterprise
    – 0138976872
  11. Developing IP Multicast Networks Volume 1
    – 1578700779
  12. ** IP Quality of Service C-DQoS training book
    – 1578701163

    – I have the C-QoS training book so I’m curious what the difference is between them
  13. Interdomain Multicast Solution Guide
    – 1587050838

    – (www.comcol.nl Barnes&Noble.com)
  14. CCIE R&S Exam Certification Guide
    – 1587200538
    – A. Anthony Bruno
    – Excellent prep book, as it’s very easy to go through and get a feel for all the various aspect of the written exam. Get the 2nd edition though as I had to cross out a number of sections (like IS-IS) which aren’t in the exam any more since 1 Jan 2006. I do have some doubts whether it goes deep enough into all the subjects as doing a Testking test after this book did not up my confidence but it is a good start.
  15. Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture (CCIE Professional Development)
    – 1578701813

See amazon.com for most, but Amazon did not have #1, #7 & #13. Titles are commonly listed wrong so use the ISBN numbers! (You have been warned) And they seem to lose more and more titles off their own site, though a number are available through Amazon Marketplace but this may prove difficult for international shipping. Ordered #13 from Amazon Marketplace after comcol.nl couldn’t supply, even ciscopress does not have it available any more. (13 Jan 2006) Barnes&Noble.com do have this book and I ordered it from them after the seller from Amazon Marketplace excused himself.

*) 14th Jan 2006: I’ve finally got all my books now, if you have other books you’d like to recommend to me then leave a comment.
**) Both borrowed from a colleague (thanks!)

Source for my list is Heinz Ulm’s CCIE R&S book list, see www.heinzulm.com for his site about Cisco certification bootcamps.

Most of these books are quite dated, around 2000 so be aware that the CCIE R&S exams have had their subjects (blueprints in Cisco slang) changed since then. But despite this they’re still great books to have as I guess 90% of the exam material is still covered. For example after 1st Jan 2006 DLSw and IS-IS aren’t part of the R&S exams any more, but having them explained anyway is not a bad thing imho. The only caveat I have at this moment is that none of the books cover Wireless and it is included in the written exam nowadays.

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