My ‘exec’ aliases

Aliases save a lot of time during the lab, I strongly suggest everyone who’s preparing for their lab to memorise a personal list of aliases and configure those into each router when you check the initial configurations and draw up your network map.

Also note that aliases can be cascaded and that config mode can have it’s own aliases. Generally I don’t cascade my aliases as I find it easier for me without hierarchy. Nor do I use ‘config’ aliases, I call my exec aliases from config mode with the do command; do srr for example will show the running config starting at the routing protocols.

# Djerk’s aliases:
alias exec d sh int descr
alias exec co conf t
alias exec sr show run
alias exec sri show run interface
! alias exec srr show run | b
(^router|^ipv6 router)
alias exec srr show run | s (^router|^ipv6 router)
alias exec br show ip int brief
alias exec bru show ip int brief | i up
alias exec ne show cdp nei
alias exec fm show frame map
alias exec fp show frame pvc
# ISDN isn't in the lab anymore...
! alias exec sis show isdn status
! alias exec dm show dialer map
alias exec cpu show proc cpu sort
alias exec his show proc cpu history
alias exec mem show proc mem sort
alias exec i show ip route
alias exec cir clea ip route *
alias exec ip show ip protocols
alias exec iei show ip eigrp int
alias exec ien show ip eigrp nei
alias exec iet show ip eigrp top
alias exec io show ip ospf
alias exec ioi show ip ospf int
alias exec ion show ip ospf nei
alias exec iod show ip ospf data
alias exec b show ip bgp
alias exec bs show ip bgp sum
alias exec bn show ip bgp nei
alias exec im show ip mroute
alias exec pn sh ip pim nei
alias exec pi sh ip pim int
alias exec prpm show ip pim rp mapping in-use
alias exec prph show ip pim rp-hash

Note the current options in 12.4:

R2#sh run | ?
__append____Append redirected output to URL (URLs supporting append operation only)
__begin_____Begin with the line that matches
__exclude___Exclude lines that match
__include __Include lines that match
__redirect__Redirect output to URL
__section___Filter a section of output
__tee_______Copy output to URL

I found out about the 12.4 updates when searching for regular expressions to use in show commands.

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