Researching regular expressions (filter show commands)

 | 25 Jul 2007 11:07

While trying to figure out whether I could find an AND operator rather than just the OR “|” I stubled across the following:

C2611XM#show ver | ?
_append____Append redirected output to URL (URLs supporting append operation only)
_begin_____Begin with the line that matches
_exclude___Exclude lines that match
_include___Include lines that match
_redirect__Redirect output to URL
_section___Filter a section of output
_tee_______Copy output to URL

A number of these are new to me… A nice recent addition is the ‘section’ key word, it shows the section following the matched line. This allows for displaying the running config of an access-list which previously was not possible:

C2611XM(config-ext-nacl)#do sr | section http
ip http server
no ip http secure-server
ip access-list extended http
_permit tcp any any eq www
_permit tcp any eq www any

This condensed quote from CCO lists a couple of things to remember:

show <command> | append <url> – Redirects the output of any show command to be appended to a specified file.
show <command> | redirect <url> – Redirects the output of any show command to a specified file.
show <command> | tee <url> – Copies the show command output to a file while displaying it on the terminal.

The Cisco IOS File System (IFS) uses URLs to specify the location of a file system, directory and file. Typical URL elements include:


Prefixes can be local file locations, such as flash: or disk0:. Alternatively, you can specify network locations using the following syntax:


The rcp: prefix is not supported.

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