Defective Serial module

 | 24 Jul 2007 00:53

Rats, had to spend more time in my hosted CCIE lab to replace a defective NM-8A/S in my F/R switch. But at least all my serial connectivity is up/up and the new F/R switch, a 3640 with a mere 16Mb of flash, is configured with a full mesh of PVC’s.

I feel ready to try some mock labs, having started one tonight I remember how difficult it is to translate/superimpose the hardware layouts. Oh well I guess I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. It feels like last year was such smooth sailing between the bootcamp and the exam. Must be about the grass being greener elsewhere again…

I actually configured my first port channels today, or it’s been so long I can’t remember the last time. Funny having a 3548 and 3560, one starts to notice old and new config. Kinda nice as a hint of what new features might be emphasised in the lab. For those who’re wondering, for example: The 3548 uses ‘port groups’ where the 1st interface in the group holds the etherchannel config, but the 3560 uses channel-group style config which creates port-channel interfaces for the etherchannel config.

Another lesson learned: STP trouble can occur if one side of the etherchannel has been configured but not the other, so shut down the interfaces before adding them to an etherchannel. Also it’s best to create etherchannels from interfaces without prior config.

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