F5 certification

 | 11 Feb 2008 11:32

Not posted much recently, it’s time to add some more meat…

Last week I passed the F5 BIG-IP LTM v9.0 essentials exam. Was easier than I thought, however tomorrow I may be humbled further as I go for the advanced version of the F5 BIG-IP LTM v9.0 test. Studying with the training books from 4 days worth of training but without further hands on is not what I call fun. Admittedly it’s a lot easier than CCIE so what really am I moaning about. I suppose it the fact that I’m not studying for my next lab…

3 Responses to “F5 certification”

Blake wrote a comment on 16 May 2008

Do you care to share the documents you used to study? I am studying for the same exam.

Djerk wrote a comment on 18 May 2008


I used the materials available online. Some online ‘training/certification’ companies out there have some free samplers which will give you an idea of the style and type of questions to expect, Google for ee0-511. But first and foremost my employer sent me on training, 2 days for essentials and 2 for advanced. The materials given there contain all you need to know and more for the exams. Also easily overlooked F5 has some practice exam questions which are good to go through.

The main things are: 1) It’s not that difficult imho, less than CCNA I think. 2) keep the order of things in mind. host – pool-member – pool – VS (off the top of my head…) 😉

Good luck!

Camster wrote a comment on 2 Jun 2008

I believe that is what Blake meant 🙂 As in care to share the documents/scopy you have. I wouldn’t mind having them myself – haha.