Back but not quite [fixed]

 | 5 Feb 2008 07:47

Completed a server migration the weekend before last. Had to spend some time on my DNS configuration/migration and email. Both of which are now working as they should but doesn’t look right. Mailed the author of the vSlider3.[0|1] theme I use as it seems it’s unable to read the settings.

Odd things is the files, permissions and database are the same as what I have on the old server. Still there it looks perfect and here it doesn’t… Suggestions welcome! Reverting back to the default theme comes up fine. Where does vSlider store its settings?

[edit, 6 Feb 2008] Right, sorted the theme problem. A row in my WordPress database had gone weird, not sure what exactly went wrong but it may have been the database sync I used to keep the new server in sync with the now removed server. Anyway, I removed row vSlider from table wp_options and the theme then created a new one with default settings. Still trying to figure out what all my personalised settings were so please bear with me while I tinker away.

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