Personal lab updates

 | 14 Jul 2007 14:23

Right, back on the number hunt I’ve listed up for and am currently upgrading most of my routers to 12.4 or in case of my two 7200’s with NPE-200’s 12.3.

The feature-sets are a right mix too but I hope that I’ll be OK there. Personally I think that the enterprise feature-set is not needed when labbing for R&S as SNA, DSLw and the likes were removed in Jan 2006. I do try to have crypto in there as securing routing protocols is a hot item these days.

Next to IOS upgrades I’ve ordered some more serial cables to add to my lab as it will give me a lot more flexibility. I guess it’s one of the down sides of having ones lab in a datacenter and not at home. Ooh and not being able to manually reload routers is another issue I have. Luckilly it doesn’t happen that much but my 2621 with 40/8 (ram/flash) did not like 12.3(3i) IP as it complains about IOMEM and just halts during boot. (I can feel another trip to the datacenter coming) Cables should be in next week so I’ll have to work at the datacenter late coming Friday (in the UK on Wednesday and Thursday).

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