IPv6 routing (OSPFv3)

 | 14 Jul 2007 21:55

Well I guess I was wrong that IP BASE or TELCO feature-set would do fine for R&S labbing. They lack IPv6 and if they do have IPv6 then they don’t have IPv6 routing (OSPFv3) capability.

Remembering the noises about IPv6 really coming our way in the next year or two I think we’ll be upgrading a lot of routers… IP PLUS and ENT BASE seem to be the feature-sets to go for but my flash and ram don’t support the images. I guess I’ll have to dig out all the old memory and hope I can make it match (and stable).

Any help is welcome. My 3640 are limited to 64/16, the 2600’s to 40/8 and 48/16. All I have is a beefy 2691 (128/32) and my 7200’s with 128 and flash cards (48 and 2x 20Mb [eek]). Does anyone have a simple site listing which memory type is supported per platform?

[July 16th 2007] Well I went rummaging through a pile of old memory and it looks like I can max out my 3640’s to 128 ram. I’ still failing in the flash department… 🙁
Heehee, just found “c3640-is-mz.124-1c.bin and ‘3g.bin IP PLUS” which are just under 24Mb so I may just have saved myself a lot of hassle. It has OSPFv3 support and everything else I need, bar tcp intercept and MPLS.

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