One year down the road…

 | 8 Jul 2015 14:37

A year post jumping ship

Seems like a good time to look back a little and wonder why it took me so long. June last year my time at Deloitte (London office) came to an end, with the customer transitioning their IT workforce I was the last from nscglobal to leave the account. I had a good time working in a small project team, always on site but then the people and the interesting work made up for the hassle and cost of the daily commute. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Life without two wheels sucks

But then again, if I’d still had my dear BMW, I would have gone back the O2 account in Slough. Despite the daunting prospect at the time. It was the right time to jump ship and join my wife’s limited company. This is where it pays off to leave a wealth of happy customers and (ex)colleagues, that and God’s provision.  Either way, I’m grateful. May last year I was an employee living in a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with mould growing in my boys’ bedroom. Now by the grace of friends and benefit of being self-employed; I’m happy with my work, we live in an amazing house and are practically debt free since moving to the UK in 2008. Oh, and I’ve started running again, properly this time…

3.5 hour commute

A what?! Yes, you read that right. I have a 3.5 hour commute, each way. Blessed as I am, I only rarely have to make the trek to Macclesfield. It’s funny for these things work out, but it does work and it works very well. We now have a great accountant, contact me if you need his details (you really should!). He’s just finished our 14/15 numbers and I can’t tell you great it is to get on with the person dealing with our business finances.

I’m eager to find out what the new financial year will bring. First up is another contract extension, it’s great having happy clients, there’s no better advertisement than that. Second, longer bound by the restrictions of an employer on what I blog about. I’m now able to write a lot more about the interesting challenges faced at my customers and the solutions found to them.

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