| 4 Oct 2007 21:30

I’m normally quite weary of sites tracking my behaviour and have NoScript installed on FireFox myself to control this. It’s amazing to see how much crap NoScript blocks.

Well, I kinda joined the evil camp by installing HitTail. In my defence, HitTail only looks at how people come to my site. It does not track users (to my knowledge that is). More specifically it tells me what search strings resulted in hits on my site.

I’ve come up with the idea that I’ll use these hits to delve deeper into stuff. I’m quite impressed by some other sites which go into intricate detail of current hot topics, be it training subjects or market hyped topics. My main priority will remain my certification. But looking beyond my 1st CCIE, I’m not sure what the future will bring. Could be another CCIE track or VoIP related, maybe even PRINCE2 or even something Juniper. Only time will tell.

However I really like the idea of addressing hot items. I realise that most google (etc) hits on my site will be related to the current content of my site. Guess I’ll have to involve the things I’m working on at work. But I’m open to suggestions, so if you have requests or suggestions for (finding) good topics then by all means leave a comment!

2 Responses to “HitTail”

Mike Levin of HitTail wrote a comment on 5 Oct 2007

Leaving a comment…

Just to clarify, HitTail doesn’t call back to mamma after the first hit of the session. It goes totally silent, making it one of the most lightweight and polite tracking systems on the Internet.


Dovydas wrote a comment on 7 Oct 2007

I like Google Analytics. They created really poverfull stuff.