3550 & 3560…

 | 23 Feb 2007 23:07

I’ve heard reports of the lab containing more and more L3 switches these days. Looks like I need to update my lab hardware to incorporate some L3 switches. The 3550 is EOS but even second hand overly expensive, the 3560 is not cheap either. I’m hoping my employer is willing to get some as I’ve now got two other colleagues gearing up for their CCIE. I might have a trick up my sleeve but you’ll have to come back later if you want to know the outcome of that one.

I currently use a combination between a normal router and a vlan on my L2 switch for all switch related tasks but I guess Cisco is adding NAC (IEEE802.1x) and other advanced L2/L3 switching tasks into the lab. Which is kinda logical seeing as even I’m looking at the L3 switches as Ethernet access cpe’s.

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