2nd of October

 | 15 Aug 2007 15:41

Wow, I managed to spot and book the 2nd of October instead of my February 7th seat. Hopefully I’ll manage to swap this day for September 14th with someone from Vietnam. Poor guy that is a long way to come for a lab… But as you can see from my previous post swapping seats is a risky business.

[edit, 17 Aug 2007] I’ve managed to move to September 28th and I’ll stick with it for now. There’s enough to keep me busy till then, may circumstantially even have to move my date back. I’ll be diving back into the books/lab next week, too much social stuff going on this week.

[edit, 10 Sep 2007] Sadly I have cancelled my September 28th seat. There’s just too much going on right now to be able to concentrate, let alone to have enough time to commit to studying. I’m hoping I’ll ba able to move my Feb 19th date forward but for now it would be wise to keep the February date, at least until some things settle down.

3 Responses to “2nd of October”

r0ckwell wrote a comment on 4 Oct 2007

Were you able to book 10/2? If so, how did you do?

Djerk wrote a comment on 4 Oct 2007

Sadly I’ve been forced to cancel my seat. The current date I have is Feb 19th but I doubt I’ll make it. I’ve not been able to study for the lab at all recently due to work related issues. I hope to be able to explain soon and should have more time on my hands then to plot out my road to the next lab with accompanying posts about what I learn on the way.

Thanks for your interest btw!

r0ckwell wrote a comment on 5 Oct 2007

At least you have some time on your hands before your attempt on 2/19/08. 2-4 hours a day is usually enough to stay sharp.

Trust me when I say this, I know exactly what you mean about staying motivated. At times we all get complacent with our knowledge and never really push ourselves until after the end result. People like me use blogs such as yourself for inspiration and guidance. It also helps to distinguish we are all going through the same ordeals on this journey.

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