Final approach

 | 23 Jul 2006 09:27

Sounds very definite doesn’t it. Well I know that on average it should take me 3 labs to pass but hey you can’t blame me for having a positive attitude. Last friday I started my last ‘week’ of studying before my 1st lab attempt. I’m curently working on the last ‘few’ lines of config to my own lab environment. Was counting on remote lab access to Heinz’s lab (delayed ‘one week access’ after the bootcamp). But due to a miscommunication it was scheduled for the week of my exam which isn’t very usefull as obviously I’ll be resting and taking the exam that week.

Anyway, I’ll get there myself as long as I don’t find any other dead Ethernet interfaces. The 7500 in my lab is upgraded to 12.4(8) Enterprise and is happily running VRF-lite on all routing protocols. As such I’m using it to simulate about 7 routers, only problem is that it’s config has become enormous but at the moment it’s working fine.

For those who still wonder were I’ve disappeared to this week, I’ve locked myself in my attick to get some serious studying done. I’ll be out on the 31st in an attempt to relax in preparation of the 2nd (of Aug) which is my lab date.

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