| 28 Jul 2006 17:25

Well I’m still studying hard, interrupted every now and then by sleep and some fun. My idea of fun? Well, two things at the moment:

The first is a nice list of things I’d love to have and haven’t got, yet. But feel free to change that for me!

The second is a (little) moped of mine I restorated a number of years ago, to my likings. It’s been unused due to expensive insurance and lack of storage space. now that we’re living in a house with our own shed it’s home again. This year is it’s 20th birthday which means oldtimer insurance.

So now I’m a member of the Nieuwe Veteranen Club am hoping to participate in some of the tours they organise. As that’s all my moped is good for really, my car is a lot more comfortable. I’ll make some pictures soon so you can all enjoy some of my spare time too.

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