More books

 | 30 Dec 2005 15:20

Right I’ve got 8 of the 15 books and I’m hoping DHL will deliver 2 more tomorrow so I can take all books home with me when we go back home on the 2nd of Jan (2006). The book list has been updated with all known ISBN numbers and title corrections, I’m trying to include the volume and edition numbers as it’s hard to tell the books apart when you want to order them.

Amazon told me that a book I ordered directly from them wasn’t available anymore so I’ve just ordered it from Computer Collectief in NL. Their site stated that they’d need to order it and it will be 36 EUR instead of USD but hey at least their cheaper than most and postage was only 2,- so I shouldn’t complain really. Hoping the other 2 books ordered through Amazon’s ‘one-click’ ™ are waiting for me at the post-office or at least haven’t been shipped back yet…

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